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Note: Product is a single (1) roll from a pack of 5
■ High ISO speed of 400
■ Professional film
■ Wide exposure latitude
■ Superb skin tone reproduction
■ Excellent three- dimensional appearance
■ Faithful colour reproduction
■ Addition of single-channel suitability

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Fuji Pro 400H is a professional-quality, high-speed, daylight-type, fine-grain, colour negative film, incorporating Fujifilm’s proprietary 4th colour layer.

Suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential.

Provides wide exposure latitude from under- to overexposures, superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, highly faithful colour reproduction, an exciting three-dimensional appearance to the image and single-channel suitability for uniform printing efficiency.

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