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Black and white negatives processed using D-76 chemistry, using accurate and relevant timings based on the film manufacturer’s recommendation.
Process: B&W film processing using D-76 chemistry
Film format: 35mm
Scanned output: JPEG image format (1-2 MB each visible image), download link of the scanned images will be shared to your email address..
Print type: Silver Bromide photo print of 4”x6” size (quantity based on actual film result)

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  • Print the confirmed order and send it along with your rolls to our in-house lab.
  • Expected time to complete film processing orders is 7-10 business days from the date of receipt of the films.
  • Customers would receive a download link to their registered email address to download the digitized negatives.
  • Return postage charges of Rs.150 (flat) would be applied for every order.


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